Warehousing and Fulfillment

Warehousing and Fulfillment

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End today’s problems
with tomorrow’s solutions.

From A-Z, we welcome challenges at ENC and our sister company, Warehouse Box. Our teams and systems grow from each problem we face and eradicate for our partners in warehousing and fulfillment, shipping, and distribution. We serve entrepreneurs and retailers of all sizes, from small independent producers to large chain stores to e-commerce vendors. No matter the obstacle or market, we will dedicate our time to develop a sustainable solution so that you can devote your time to scaling your business. We extend our partners’ global reach while providing the local expertise needed to successfully navigate worldwide opportunities. Our swift and efficient problem-solving moves fulfillment into the future.

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Why store with ENC?

Customized Solutions

We tailor our solutions to each partner’s specific needs.

Unparalleled Value

Option to use your own negotiated carrier or freight rates.

Communication Technology

No need for any emailing with our online warehouse portal.

Full Integration

Integrate with courier services and eCommerce platform. Enjoy the option of using separate shipping services with our warehousing.
Why store with ENC?

Encompass all. Surpass all.

We combine expert technical and market knowledge with industry-leading, partner-enablement programs, and we go far beyond warehouse storage and shipping. A fulfillment center is more than just a warehouse facility. If chosen strategically, it can reduce your transit time and shipping costs, enhancing your overall business. ENC is your “one-stop shop” warehouse and fulfillment service partner and we’re at your disposal to complete each step of the process.

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Innovation requires dedication.

In order to develop advanced solutions that save you time and finances, we must invest our own time and care into our software and services. Thanks to our dedicated team, you can count on transparent and reliable warehouse storage & fulfillment service because you can get insight into the status of your products at any time. Receive notifications as soon as your shipments arrive and the moment they are shipped out. You can access all the detailed information you need whenever you need with just a few clicks.

Our broad range of solutions are both advanced and customized. We tailor our services to meet your own unique needs and requirements. The specialized plans and answers we offer are a testimony to the dedication that sets us apart from any other warehouse and fulfillment center.

The question is: What’s your challenge? We’ve faced many before and have plenty to offer, but we need to know what you need to assess which of our myriad resources will best serve you.

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Warehouse and Shipping Services

Online Warehouse Management Software
Receive Goods
Pick & Pack
Packaging, Paltizing, & Labeling
Complete Inventory Control
Handle Returns
Schedule Reports
Storage Services
Unload & Handle Containers
Order Processing, B2B & B2C
Manage Notifications
Amazon Delivery Bookings
Parcel Forwarding
Full Shipping & Courier Integration
ENC Shipping

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