Shipping Containers

Shipping Containers


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The closer you are to your challenge, the more difficult it can be to solve. With a plethora of choices to choose from, immediate needs to address, and other priorities to attend to— your choice of a shipping container can become a challenging endeavor. These decisions are as vital as any other for the safety, speed, and efficiency of your deliveries. To ensure the most successful delivery of all your shipments, every level of your shipping and logistics requires the utmost attention and care— but all you need is to focus on what you do best. ENC Ship offers you comprehensive, exceptional shipping solutions. Through easily-accessible information, swift support, and ample expertise— our container shipping company helps you break through the chaos of shipping logistics to choose the solutions best for you.

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Shipping container types and sizes.

Containers can vary in size and design, but the most commonly used ones are:


Appropriate for a diverse range of products as they can be used regardless of the type of transport—air, road, rail, or sea.


Commonly utilized for the transport of certain types of fruits and vegetables.

Open-top and flat rack

Designed for machinery and odd-sized cargo that cannot fit in a standardized container.


Especially created for groceries and other goods that need to be transported under regulated temperature conditions.

Liquid tanks

Designed for the transportation of chemicals, drinks, and other liquids.

While the above choices are the most common, other special shipping containers are also available on the market. The ENC team employs our extensive experience with a wide variety of industries to determine the most appropriate options for your shipments. We also provide advice on whether LCL or FCL shipment is more suitable for your specific case, all in order to help you get the best deal on the market, optimize the entire process, and enhance the rest of your business.

ENC goes miles beyond containers.

Once the cargo is properly packed and ready to be shipped, our container shipping company helps its clients to choose the smartest shipping option: Air Freight, usually chosen as a more convenient alternative for and low-volume shipments, and Ocean Freight that proved more practical for the transportation of delicate and large shipping containers.

We guarantee to handle every shipping container carefully and follow required procedures so that everything arrives safely without delay, anywhere in the world. We move your containers forward so that you can move your business forward.

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