Ocean Freight

Ocean Freight

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Ensure your shipment is secure.

There’s no higher priority than your shipment’s safety and no mode of transport is more secure than our ocean freight services. The sea is the safest way to move cargo across the world, and that security is magnified when its paired with transparency. Through our proprietary tracking technology, we protect your peace of mind and valuable time. ENC’s ocean freight services provide you with all the information you need to control and manage your cargo while it’s still in transit.

Larger volume no longer means greater stress. ENC ships enormous quantities of every type of cargo across the globe and we go to the greatest lengths possible to secure their safe arrival. When you send your high volume, large items from point A to Z with ENC ocean freight shipping, you can be certain of their protection. Whether you require partial (LCL) or full container (FCL) shipments, we will not only ensure that your cargo is secure; we show you that it’s secure while it’s still en-route.

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Why ship with ENC?

We simplify the sea’s every logistical challenge so you can focus your attention on your business. Beyond security and cost-effectiveness, we provide you with customized solutions, efficiencies, and information that set us apart from other ocean shipping companies.

Door to Door Service

Advanced Ocean Shipping Technology

Track and Trace

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Why ship with ENC?

We are your eyes in the ocean.

From origin to destination, you will receive customized reports and updates so that you’ll know exactly where your shipments are at any time. Our digital platform enables you to access all your ocean shipping details, relevant insights, and communications from one place to make your experience as smooth as your shipment’s experience. We’re your eyes in the ocean while you focus on what matters most to you.

See that your shipments are safe.

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ENC is the ocean shipping company to reach out to when you wish to build long-term connections with Asia and Europe. Most markets can be reached within 15-30 days, and none take longer than 40.

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