Freight Shipping

Freight Shipping


Move your freight into the future.

Your freight problems are figments of the past. The unique challenges that surround your shipments are no longer the obstacles that they once were. No matter how large your freight is or how far it needs to go, ENC Ship will help you move it into the future with our customized services and advanced solutions. Extend our seamless freight shipping services to your local and remote customers. Expand your reach and increase your revenue, as we enhance your logistics and you enhance your organization.

Personal freight services.
Digital freight solutions.

Our technology makes all your freight information easily accessible to you— and we will tailor our international freight shipping services to your unique needs. From low-volume shipments of small packages to bulk cargo, the resources to cover all your requirements are only clicks away. We personalize freight services for a wide range of businesses in varying industries all around the globe. Whether it be in the clouds or in the seas, we will find a way forward together. Your freight is our challenge. Your business is yours.

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ENC Ship’s freight solutions are both digital and personal. While we emphasize technology, we understand human connection is a vital component of efficient freight services, as well as all shipping and logistics. Our team members will connect with you personally to determine which international freight shipping services best meet your specific demands. Your modes of freight transport include:

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