FCL Shipping

FCL Shipping


Secure speed at sea.

E-commerce or traditional. Ocean or Air. LCL or FCL. No matter your industry or your requirements, our business is here to handle the logistics so that can grow yours.

For every logistical challenge, ENC Ship uncovers swift and secure solutions. For many businesses, our advanced FCL shipping services are an economical, efficient solution for their particular needs.

What is FCL Shipping?

FCL (Full Container Load) refers to ocean freight shipments of cargo that fill the entire container space. Although for many suppliers, LCL shipments (Less than a Container Load) prove to be a more economical option because their business is characterized by low-volume and low-frequency transports. An FCL shipment is often a better alternative as it comes at a lower price per cubic meter, and provides speed and security advantages. Which service is most cost-effective and suggested for your business depends on the type and volume of the goods you transport, as well as your particular needs.

Our FCL Services are a common choice among top businesses who transport goods that:

Occupy more than 14 cubic meters

Require a high level of security

Cannot share space with other supplier’s merchandise

Require urgent shipment

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Ensure your shipment is secure.

FLC is the more secure cargo option, and ENC is one of the world’s most secure international shipping service providers. Since an FCL shipment container will go through fewer points along the transport chain and will not have to be reopened or reloaded with other suppliers’ cargo, it provides greater security than an LCL shipment.

Security is always a priority. Beyond taking extraordinary measures to ensure your shipment is secure, ENC Ship’s advanced technology enables you to maintain control, track your FCL and LCL shipments, and access all your information with ease to make the best decisions possible for your business.

Time-efficient is cost-efficient.

While our quickest shipping service is air freight, FLC is the faster ocean freight cargo option. ENC Ship’s FCL logistics is handled between just one supplier and logistics company, which significantly reduces the time spent in customs.

Our team combines expertise with connections to carry out the customs clearance procedure as swiftly as possible. ENC ship has optimized the process to make sure your containers are shipped in a timely manner, without unnecessary delays— and we’ll handle it all from warehousing to courier services, saving you time.

Our FCL experience, your FCL resource.

Thanks to our years of experience handling FCL Logistics for a wide range of businesses, we are always able to quickly determine the best type of container and packing technique for your shipment. Our team members will personally help you carefully calculate your needs so that you can make the most out of all that ENC Ship has to offer you.

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