Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

What is ENC Ship?

ENC Ship is an international shipping and logistics company that exists to push the future forward and bring predictability to the sector.

What services does ENC Ship offer?

ENC Ship infuses simplicity and reliability into shipping & logistics through Courier Services, Ocean Freight Services, Air Freight Services, Warehousing and Fulfillment, and Customs Clearance.

Where can I ship with ENC Ship?

Anywhere and everywhere. With ENC Ship, you can ship all over the world. We currently service over 220 countries across the globe, and with our global connections, there is nowhere out of your reach.

Does ENC Ship offer customer support?

Yes, you can personally connect with one of our team members to receive all the information you need through our advanced platforms, by sending us a message here, or by reaching out to us at XXX-XXX-XXXX or XXXXX@XXX.COM.

How do I find out the shipping rates?

As we recognize the vital need for transparency in this industry, we make shipping rates as simple to access as all your shipping information. Connect with our team members to receive quick, accurate rates here.

Can I track and trace my shipments?

Yes, you can track through our advanced platforms. Once you sign up you’ll have access to the whereabouts of your shipments 24/7 and receive notifications as often as necessary.

Does ENC Ship have experience with E-commerce businesses?

With 75% of our business already committed to e-commerce brands, ENC Ship has grown to specialize in every area you may need to succeed in your e-commerce shipping and warehousing.

Does ENC Ship fulfill Amazon shipments?

ENC Ship does handle Amazon fulfillment center deliveries and is actually one of Amazon’s preferred carriers.

Can I use my preferred courier services with ENC Ship?

Yes, you can integrate any courier service with our shipping and logistics services. ENC Ship will even match your previous rate if you opt to ship with our partnering courier services, as ENC Ship partners with the world’s leading couriers. Additionally, through our advanced platforms, we’ll provide you with all the information you need to compare and choose the courier best for you.

Can I use ENC’s competitively priced warehousing with another Shipping company?

While our warehousing and fulfillment services fully integrate with our other services and platforms, you can also enjoy the option of using separate shipping services with our warehousing.

Why is it beneficial to have a registered account with ENC Ship?

A registered account enables you to take advantage of everything that ENC Ship has to offer. Simply send your shipments anywhere in the world with the ease of ENC Ship technology and the personal touch of ENC’s expert team members. While we employ advanced solutions to move your freight forward, you can focus your time on your business.

How can I register with ENC Ship?

It’s as simple as anything with ENC Ship—all you need to do is click here to register to move your freight anywhere and into the future.

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