E-Commerce Shipping

E-Commerce Shipping

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E-commerce is the future.
ENC is the future of E-commerce.

‘Digital’ is the new way forward; it’s true for your business as well as ours. We provide online businesses with advanced tools and tailored solutions to all their global shipping and warehousing challenges. E-commerce vendors are often defined by their shipping services. So, whether it’s working with Amazon, eBay, Rakuten, or others, we empower our partners to thrive. We’re devoted to making your customers’ e-commerce shipping experience as seamless as you make their online experience. ENC’s in-house team of experts will help guide you through compliance and provide you with vital guidance regarding your e-commerce shipments. Our partnership is critical to our shared success. ENC not only connects consumers to their deliveries all around the world so that you can do what you do best— sell your goods online. We also provide you with the information you need to make the greatest possible decisions and enhance your e-commerce business.

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Why ship with ENC?

With 75% of our business already committed to e-commerce brands, we’ve grown to specialize in every area you may need to succeed in your e-commerce shipping and warehousing:

Customized Services

Constant Communication

Turnaround Time

Full Time Protection

Realtime Information

Expert Guidance

Compliance Assistance

Global Resources

Unparalleled Rates

Advanced Technology

Why ship with ENC?

Your only option is efficiency.

E-Businesses need more than a webpage to satisfy their customers; they need their products stored, protected, and shipped. For e-commerce shipping, there are only three options and we offer all of them: Air Freight shipping, Ocean Freight shipping, and On-Ground Courier shipping. ENC also offers independent e-commerce Warehousing and Fulfillment, which you can opt to use with our shipping services or your own shippers. With everything we offer, we prioritize efficiency above all else, as we share the requirements of speed and simplicity with the e-commerce industry.


Buy bulk, buy better.

As a leader in the world’s business-to-business (B2B) and business-to-consumer (B2C) shipping, ENC is the e-commerce shipping company to turn to when you need a partner to help you handle bulk shipments. Not only can our e-commerce warehousing safely store all your goods, but our long-standing relationships with bulk carriers across the globe help get you sustainable solutions and competitive rates on the market today.

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Save your time, simplify your world.

The logistics behind an e-commerce shipping strategy are highly complex and therefore, time-consuming. This is especially true when the business operates on a global scale with a growing customer base. On top of shipping, e-commerce warehousing can be equally as challenging, if not more so. Our industry professionals simplify these processes to maximize your availability—as well as shipping—so that you can satisfy your customers, enhance your business, and increase your revenue.

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