Courier Services

Courier Services

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Select simplicity. Embrace efficiency.

You no longer need to worry about who’s delivering your shipment, where your package is, when the delivery will arrive, or any of the myriad challenges that occur along the way. Our international courier services not only connect you with the industry’s leading couriers at highly competitive prices, we bring the future of shipping to the present. ENC simplifies previously arduous courier processes to swiftly address your every need, even before you can even make it.

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Why courier with ENC?

Countless couriers.
Endless possibilities.

With our advanced platform, all the courier and shipment information you could ever ask for is already at your fingertips. Your choice of world renowned couriers is as simple as our software. Decisions can be challenging with countless to choose from, but we provide you with access to all the accurate information you need to make the best possible decisions.

Shipping couriers we partner with:

  • UPS
  • DHL
  • FedEx
  • USPS
  • and more!

*ENC is one of Amazon’s preferred carriers.

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Track to stay on-track.

To enable you to keep track of your courier shipment, we use cutting-edge hourly tracking technology. You can manage and control your shipments with real-time information about the status, location, and delivery estimate at any time. As we balance our advanced capabilities with a personal touch, one call will also connect you directly to one of our experts, who are always available for all our global shipping partners.


The world is the limit.

Over the years, we’ve expanded the resources of our courier services so that we can handle any request, including high volume shipments, domestic and international—while still devoting the same time and care to each and every one of our individual shipping partners. We have the necessary means to transport packages to any location in the world through our air freight or ocean freight services. Once the shipment arrives, our trucks and partnering couriers take over and ship it to its final destination.


Global reach. Individual focus.

We collaborate effectively with skilled top couriers to carry out shipping courier service procedures timely and efficiently; they also collaborate with you directly when desired or necessary to ensure your every need is met. We personally address the unique challenges of each organization we service so that they can best address every other aspect of their business and satisfy remote customers all over the world. The success of our courier services is measured by the success of your business.

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