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Air Freight

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With our Air Freight shipping, anywhere in the world is only hours away. Yet there is far more required for shipping and logistics than speed, which is why ENC is more than your typical air freight carrier. We make air freight as effortless as it is swift. Beyond timeliness, we’re committed to simplicity and efficiency. By providing you with all the relevant information and insights you need on one proprietary platform, quick responses from our team, and personalized assistance, ENC itself saves you far more time than air freight services alone.

While our ocean freight services are an economical alternative, there is no faster option than air freight shipping and that’s often more economical than you might think. We collaborate with some of the world’s largest commercial air carriers to deliver your most urgent shipments on time, while our advanced tools give you more time. Expect no guesswork, no bureaucratic setbacks, and, with our cutting-edge technology, virtually no delays. We not only fly shipments anywhere in the world, we fly forward into the future. When time is of the essence, don’t just reach to the skies…

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We simplify your air freight experience so that you can do what you do best.

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Why fly with ENC?
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