About ENC

About ENC

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Our mission is to infuse simplicity and efficiency into global shipping and logistics.

Envision a future where every logistical barrier has been eliminated. Your every unique challenge is solved for you, and all the relevant information you could possibly ask for is at your fingertips. Your seamless shipping experience allows you to create a flawless organization. Focus on the most crucial aspects of your business. Access our advanced tools to turn tomorrow into today.

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Beyond shipments and information, we deliver the future.

Joshua Gluck has always been about creating clarity. His mind automatically seeks to dive into the murkiness that surrounds seemingly difficult things. He breaks challenges down into distinct steps and sees the relationships that connect them. Then, he creates the processes that provide that clarity to others. Global shipping is a sector that’s begging for Josh’s skill. It’s a sector that is rife with unnecessary confusion that leaves both shippers and recipients in a state of unpredictability—robbing them of the ability to make informed decisions and robbing their companies of profit.

With these challenges in mind and the mission to solve them, Josh founded ENC—an international shipping and logistics company that exists to push the future forward and bring predictability to the sector. Headquartered in New York, ENC utilizes all of its resources to provide you with the information you need to make the best decisions for your business—and the dependable, international shipping services you need to focus on what you do best.

Beyond shipments and information, we deliver the future.

Why ENC?
We commit to…

Deliver environmentally-responsible client services

Drive continuous improvement

Meet all your logistical needs

Continue to expand our services

Take your company global

Be an active community partner

Connect you with remote customers

Offer dependable logistics services

Ensure you retain your clients

Provide you with accurate, realtime information

Make you stand out in your industry

Tailor solutions for unique requests

Create a comfortable working environment

Quality logistics demand  strong values.

Quality logistics demand strong values.

Connect the Dots

Tackling a wide range of logistical challenges requires a considerable amount of creativity. Our myriad innovative solutions propel both freight and businesses forward.

Plan for Success, Pivot for Greatness

While advance planning is important, we always customize our services for every individual business we partner with, to reach their unique goals.

Own it

We don’t overcommit, we overdeliver. We work hard to be there for every single client and employee, and earn our reputation for integrity & dependability.

See the Future

We think about what tomorrow will look like for us, for those we serve, and for the world. Together, we collaborate to make it even greater than today.

Show, Share, & Hear

Communication is the future. To understand and meet your every need, we listen closely to you. Our insights and your information are now only clicks away—and they’re as simple to comprehend as they are to access.

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