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At Encompass Shipping, we are able to fulfill all of your direct-to-consumer and marketplace best international shipping orders, guaranteeing that your product will reach your customer in a safe and expedited manner.

By helping to secure the trade of your valuable inventory, we enable your business to increase its return on investment. In addition, our connections to leading industry currency consultants will enrich your businesses’ experience in international sales and shipping services. With their professional advice and our proven expertise, your company is ready to take global commerce to the next level.

Our Roots Run Deep

As a family-run global shipping company, with roots in the e-commerce industry and over 25 years experience, we know firsthand the challenges of getting goods to market. That’s why from both a business-to-business and business-to-consumer standpoint, we excel at getting the job done and maximizing bulk order shipping value.

With our base of operations in the New York City suburbs, our goal is to help realize your company’s shipping and fulfillment potential while maximizing your dollars earned.

New Opportunities, Old Challenges

hile technology has made online shopping ubiquitous and brick-and-mortar headquarters almost secondary, businesses and consumers alike still face a very 20th century problem: getting goods to sellers –and buyers— at competitive prices in the least amount of time.

Encompass Shipping knows this challenge well and is eager to succeed where others have failed. We are here to ensure that your business does not fall behind! Encompass Shipping is equipped to anticipate any logistical challenge your business may encounter in the global marketplace, so you can be assured that your business will continue to prosper.

Why Encompass?

Partnering with Encompass Shipping allows your business to expand its customer base to brand new markets and succeed in achieving international name recognition. We are committed to making sure that you are always updated and involved throughout the entire process. Our staff is here to assist you in your queries for critical information regarding inventory, shipping, tracking and any other fulfillment needs that your business may require.

Through commitment to customer satisfaction, Encompass Shipping has established itself as a reliable and secure fulfillment center for all of your international needs.

The Encompass Difference

Encompass Shipping employs a comprehensive shipping and logistics network with offices based in the United States, as well as the United Kingdom. Our dedicated staff members are working around the clock to ensure our customer’s utmost satisfaction. Furthermore, by offering connections via EDI and web services, we enable you to stay connected with your business.”

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