Importance of Warehousing In the shipping business.


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Shipping industries also provide warehouse services. Be it dry warehouse or cold they provide custom warehouses. Warehouses are provided as per the request. There are many products which are delicate in nature and needs warehousing; shipping industry solves this problem for you.

There are various kinds of warehouses such as:-

Dry Warehousing:-

Dry Warehousing-encship

Dry warehousing is a type of commercial warehousing focused on storing consumer goods and packaged food goods. These are distinct from agriculture and many chemical goods, because they are stored at room temperature. For example, electronics goods produced in Asia, including phones, tablets, computers and cameras, are sent to USA in millions every year. Before reaching the electronics store or the end user, they are often stored in a temporary dry warehouse.
The warehouse is responsible for not only keeping the goods dry, but also away from extreme temperatures. During the intermediate period before they reach the consumer, the warehouse is also responsible for keeping the products in good physical shape so that they are acceptable for final sale.

Multi-client Warehousing:-

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Multi-client warehousing delivers high return at low risk. You pay for services as you need them, sharing labour and other overhead costs with other clients.Encompass Shipping is a shipping and warehousing company based in USA. Encompass Shipping company provides the best warehousing facilities such as 24×7 security with actual guards present on the premises. They also have bar coding system so that one can keep track of all inventories

 Automated Warehouses:-

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An automated warehouses where all or some of the tasks related to warehousing is done by automated systems. Though such systems are costly to implement initially, they are cost efficient in long run. It can also provide added security, by keeping human workers out of sensitive environments.In an automated warehouse, goods can be moved by robots, along with conveyors and overhead pulley systems. Commonly, objects in the warehouse are tagged to allow them to be located by computer, and the inventory is continuously updated as objects move in, out, and around the warehouse. Technology like radio frequency identification (RFID) can be very useful in an automated warehouse.

 Consolidation Warehousing:-

Consolidation warehousing-encship1


A form of warehousing that pulls together small shipments from a number of suppliers in the same geographical area and combines them into larger, more economical, shipping loads intended for the same area.



Customs Warehousing:-

Continental warehousing-encship


It means the customs procedure under which imported goods are stored under customs control in a designated place (a customs warehouse) without payment of import duties and taxes…




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