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Shipping labels give key information of the supply chain to move package from one place to another, from warehouse to customer’s doorstep. Each carrier uses a specific template for its shipping label which is an identification label affixed to a package or container. The shipping label specifies all the information related to parcel including the originating and destination address and one must follow the template to ensure good delivery.
Currently only U.S sellers who accept PAY PAL or DIRECT CHECKOUT as payment method can use shipping labels. Sellers can print labels to ship to both domestic and international addresses. Shipping labels are used to ship an item where you only have to pay the shipping cost or any services you choose with signature confirmation.

  • shipping-label-encship You don’t need any special stick on labels, just printing on a piece of paper and tape it to the parcel.
  •  Services along with signature confirmation are less costly as compared to the labels bought from the post office and one gets these labels at more discounted rates.
  •  Whatever information you provide it appears on the shipping label.
  • You can get your parcel insured [as few shipping companies provide declared value coverage]. You get insurance coverage confirmation on shipping label itself.
  • Money back guarantee is also possible through shipping labels. You can track and confirm the delivery too.
  • If you book through priority mail or Express mail, you don’t have to check from post office. Instead you get delivery confirmation email when the buyer receives the packet.
  • You can have your account which automatically pays the bill or payment for printing shipping labels
  • You can add custom text to shipping labels
  • Can create multiple labels, or can combine orders in single shipment.
1. Use shipping or e commerce website.


• Firstly you have to go to the shipping or e commerce website. They offer online Tools to create labels.
• Choose the option section Sell.
• There you will have wide variety of products to choose from. Select the item you want to ship and then select option “ Print Shipping Label “ from the menu where you will get wide option to print labels.
• One must make sure that sender’s and the buyer’s address is correct.
• Select the carrier from carrier drop down menu.
• Then choose the method of shipping from the various services mentioned.
• Enter the shipping details like weight, type, zip code, country code and other dimensions. If you exceed the limit of charges required then the signature confirmation is must.
• You can click to print postage label and after choosing the required label you can finally print it out.

You can create multiple shipping labels. It is even possible to print shipping labels through mobile phone. You just have to download the app of the selected shipping label service provider.

2. Use shipping label software :-

If you work mostly offline, this method is very convenient. There is no need to go to the website and log in every time you want to print label. As compared to online method which requires long and time consuming procedure, this is easier to opt.


3. Automated shipping tool:-

shipping-labels-encship-2It is an online service that automatically aggregates order information from multiple platforms and carriers and fill forms accordingly. One must pay monthly fee for this service.
Shipping labels are designed to be read by both machines and humans. It comprises of barcodes, numbers and letters to inform specifications. It will have postal code, country code, service class, tracking number and address information. The standard size of the shipping label is 4 by 6 inches. If it is a larger parcel then standard formats are 6 y 3 or 4 by 4 inches.

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