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Safe and Flexible Air Freight  Shipping‎


Air freight services are used to move high value commodities to low volume consignments much faster than the railroads or ocean shipping companies. Thus it enhances the global trade as well as world’s economy. The air cargo future is rising due to the rise of e commerce industry which runs on the fundamental of quick service to customers. Records show that the international shipment volume by air cargo has considerably grown worldwide .The demand has picked up for Asia to United States and air cargo traffic between North America and South America is also grown in huge volume. Huge list of air cargo specialists in all around the world upholds the top global air cargo carriers.

Quick and Reliable Air Freight Shipping‎


The word itself explains the transfer of goods from one place to another through air mode. Some cargo airlines use large passenger airlines or charter planes of their own to carry shipping assignments. Air freight can move anything that can be shipped worldwide – Letters, packages, cars, home products, construction material etc. The basic carrier in the air freight is planes which can range from normal commercial airline to huge private shipping planes.

 Fast Forward Freight


Air carriers use a group of local trucks to pick up and deliver the freight but they use the charter or commercial airlines to do the bulk movement. The major advantage of using air freight is the transit time. It saves the transit time as compared to the road or ocean shipping and offers the next day delivery options which are not possible in other modes from any origin point to any worldwide destination and perfectly fits the customer’s  need. Though it is a bit expensive service for regular basis but in time of need, it is the best option. The rates of the customer’s goods to be delivered are calculated on the basis of origin airport code, destination airport code and the product’s weight.



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