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Warehousing – Your products are our highest priority

Encompass Shipping’s global success rests with its robust warehousing and fulfillment operations. While many companies rope these two related services into a single function, they are in fact distinct capabilities and deserve itemized attention. That way you can better appreciate how Encompass Shipping can serve you better.

Global Reach, Local Retail

Warehousing speaks to Encompass’ ability to store your e-Commerce products at three centrally chosen locations – both in the US and abroad. This geographic flexibility grants companies no matter their physical location, unique access to customers and potential customers in several major markets. Our warehouses are located in:

  • Los Angeles, California
  • Central New Jersey
  • Manchester, United Kingdom

Combined, these three metropolitan regions are within reach of millions of immediate customers. They’re also strategically positioned to more broadly access the entirety of the UK, European, North American, Central/South American, and Asian markets.

While location is a major check on the list, security is a must-have check plus. That’s why all of our warehouses feature 20,000 square foot facilities, complete with advanced security systems. They are also staffed (with actual people, not robots) who can assess a security situation in real time (should one occur) and respond accordingly.

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