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Thanks to the Internet Age and near-ubiquitous smartphone access, the specific location of a brick-and-mortar business, or where an ecommerce company’s IP address emanates from is almost meaningless.

But while the business of attracting, retaining and engaging customers can be accomplished practically anywhere on multiple devices, actual physical products need to be warehoused in strategically positioned locations. Otherwise it becomes too costly to get those goods to where they need to go. Or it will take too long for them to arrive.

Encompass shipping understands this well. That’s why we’re pleased to offer our clients three strategically located warehouses in:

  • Los Angeles, California
  • Central New Jersey
  • Manchester, United Kingdom

All of our facilities offer significant advantages over our competitors. Chief among our benefits include: 24/7 security, utilizing state-of-the-art cameras augmented with actual security guards on the premises, and a bar-coding system designed to help keep track of all inventory. That way:

  • You’ll know exactly what your inventory looks like at any given warehouse, at any given time
  • When a product arrives in the inventory and how long it’s been in storage
  • And when it was shipped to your customer/client

Locations Under the Lens

Los Angeles, California – With a metro population of nearly 20 million, the second-largest city in the US dominates in terms of cultural amenities, entertainment, fashion, finance, and trade. Blessed with one of the nation’s most intricate highway networks including Interstate’s 405, 5 and 10, all major populations centers are within reach.

Meanwhile the Port of Los Angeles, which handles over $1 billion in incoming and outgoing cargo, is among the largest commercial shipping ports in the world. Located on the US west coast, that means Asian markets are only 6,000 miles away by either sea or air. Regarding the latter, Los Angeles International Airport (LAX), is the fifth largest US airport in terms of cargo tonnage and the 14th largest in the world.

Central New Jersey – Benjamin Franklin once may have quipped that New Jersey is like a barrel tapped at both ends, implying that the relative weight of Philadelphia to her south and New York City to her north drained the state’s resources.

But more than 200 years later New Jersey continues to prove how that unique geography actually benefits the state rather than hurts it. Occupying the heart of the Mid Atlantic region also known as the Bos-Wash corridor, the cities between Boston, Massachusetts and Washington DC, make up the country’s most densely populated areas with numerous commercial transportation via land, sea and air.

Combined, the Northeast Megalopolis is home to more than 52 million Americans. And similar to Los Angeles, the Port of New York and New Jersey is massive and the largest on the US east coast, capable of handling 32 million metric tons of cargo annually. That size allows products to be shipped around the world, but with a particular focus in Western Europe and Latin America.

Manchester, United Kingdom – Like its American cousins, Manchester, England is a major city located in the heart of a large urban area and home to nearly 3 million people. Although somewhat inland, an excellent road and rail network connects the city to nearby Liverpool 35 miles to the west, which has access to the Irish Sea and consequently the whole of northwestern Europe and beyond. And while considered to be in the North of England, the country’s compact size belies actual distances. London (and its own access to land, sea and air) is only 160 miles to the southeast. By comparison, New York and Boston are 200 miles apart.

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