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Pillars of Quality Global Shipping

Posted by Joshua Gluck

Shipping is the indispensable means of distributing goods between places of production and areas of consumption on our globe and is often claimed to be the most environmentally friendly mode of transport. To be a giant in shipping industry, the company needs to follow some basic rules to provide quality global shipping.

Four Pillars of Quality Shipping:-

      1.Shipping Services 

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Shipping services are one of the most important factors for quality shipping. The shipping methods of goods transportation provided by the company not only declare the time of shipping but also the amount of goods that can be shipped. For example, encompass shipping provides air freight services when fastest delivery is customer’s priority. The company works with some of the world’s largest commercial air carriers across the globe. Thus, at speed of more than 500 mph, global shipment of light weighed and smaller volume products happens in the least time.

When it comes to the shipment of bulk items in larger volume with cheap and safe transportation, encompass shipping do that with its ocean freight services. Collaborated with some of the world’s largest ports, it never poses a problem for the company in global transportation of bulk items. Not only has this but the company also kept it customers updated with the whereabouts of their packages through its tracking services. Be it by air, on land or through waters, you can always track your goods at the touch of your hand. Therefore, shipping services plays an extremely important part in quality shipping.

     2. Shipping cost 

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The cost of shipping goods from one place to another, charged by shipping companies is called shipping cost. Usually, the estimate cost of shipping appears as soon as you input the shipping distance. Companies want their products to reach customers in the original shape and size as expected by the customer, without any defect. But, not at the cost of higher shipping rates.

The competition in market is so high that companies get a lot of options to choose from. Thus, to thrive between them or to rise above them all, one needs to fulfil its customer’s expectations. This is what Encompass shipping does. It has a network of global transportation facilities for goods at completely affordable shipping rates. To add more, it also provides insurance for the goods. The customer goes for insurance to be more secure and safe. If a product cost 3 million dollar and he is paying 10 thousand dollars as insurance. He will move ahead as it will be the shipping company’s responsibility to handle the damages. Thus, shipping costs also attract the customers in market.

      3. Shipping efficiency 

shipping_efficiency_encship_encompass global shipping

Shipping efficiency is another major factor that helps in the development of quality shipping. Encompass shipping makes sure that the products shipped reaches customer on time and without any defect. To put it simply, fulfilment in a commercial sense, speaks to everything that happens to your products after they’ve been stored. It’s the process by which your products reach their clients and it’s the quality and manner in which they do. This attention to detail and partner planning mentality is what sets Encompass apart. From housing of goods, to their timely and efficient shipping. The processing of any returns, repackaging and restocking, encompass shipping does it all for you. Thus, giving a tough competition to all other in shipping industry.

4. Shipping policy


Shipping policy includes general shipping information, shipping options and times and shipping fees. The shipping policy of a company should safeguard the interests of customers within the laws of international maritime laws. Anything done beyond the laws will not only put the company under threat but also the shipment goods will be seized, attracting huge goods and money loss. Thus, shipments should always be done under the norms set by international governing bodies of shipments globally.

All the given points above, makes the global shipment of companies to customers doorstep smooth and accurate, also helping companies like Encompass shipping turn into a major shipping giant across the globe.


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