Myths about Shipping

Myths about Shipping

Posted by Joshua Gluck

The term shipping is surrounded by many myths. This is the reason why an average Joe may choose another mode to transfer his goods than shipping.

First myth is too many risks.

shipping internationally-encship

One may think that shipping internationally is risky as compared to shipping domestically. This is a total myth.
Shipping agencies provides postage labels and tracking Ids so that one can track their shipped goods anytime they want and besides that there is Insurance too… One can ensure there package and if something happens and their product damages partially or fully during the course of shipment they can claim Insurance.


Second myth is Auto shipping charges depends on the distance.


Distance is the major factor but it isn’t the only factor. You have to be flexible as companies will charge more because of your door step delivery they have to steer off from their route. So if you can help, it tries to be more flexible and it’ll save you some money.



Third myth is one should remove detachable things from their car in order to save some money.

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Frankly it’s a lie. It doesn’t matter if you remove windshield, wipers and outside mirror… This will not affect the rates at all. But that doesn’t mean that one should put extra items in his/her car either.



Forth myth is Auto shipping company will just leave the car and be on their way


This is far from truth. A good auto shipping company has representatives who’ll meet you at the time of delivery and also provides as inspection sheet so you can check and satisfy yourself that your car is safe and everything is in order.




Fifth myth is International shipping is expensive.

A woman holding a box with the world surrounded by packages in the background

According to research conducted by UPS, 82% of global shoppers have made at least one purchase from a merchant abroad this year. Out of the 14 countries evaluated in North America, Europe, Asia, and Latin America, nearly 20,000 respondents reported making at least two digital cross-border purchases in a typical three month time period.
That is because one can find different things online which aren’t easily available locally. As for shipping rates, yes I agree they are bit high but if you see a bigger picture here, some of the products are available at low price as compared to local markets.
67% of consumers who shop abroad are buying because prices are lower outside of their own country. These prices are usually low enough to make up for additional fees or taxes associated with cross-border commerce.
Other reasons can include the accessibility of brands that aren’t available in their own country, a wider range of products, and better customer service.
For U.S. consumers, the top three reasons for buying goods abroad are cheaper prices (49%), the ability to obtain brands that aren’t available in the U.S. (43%), and because shoppers are looking for unique or specialty products that aren’t found in U.S. stores (35%). Other miscellaneous reasons include higher quality goods and the perceived status acquired from shopping internationally.

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