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Chicago Tech Happy Hour

Talk tech and have a few cocktails in a trendy, yet relaxed atmosphere. About: Web design, Innovation, Software Development, Professional Networking, Computer Programming, Entrepreneurship, Engineering, Venture Capital, Tech Startups

Chicago BigCommerce

This group is for merchants, aspiring business owners, and ecommerce professionals who leverage (or have plans to) the BigCommerce platform to grow their online businesses. We seek to share insights, tools, and expertise on how to create great shopping experiences on BigCommerce

Chicago eCommerce

If you’re looking to build your first eCommerce business or you’re an experienced eCommerce Entrepreneur, this meetup is for you. It will give you valuable industry information as well as give you a chance to meet like-minded people to share your ideas and best practices. Each month we will host a learning series on all things related to selling online. Topics include: Amazon 101: The Basics , Etsy 101: The Basics, eBay 101: The Basics, Amazon 102: Advanced SEO, Etsy 102: Advanced SEO, eBay 102: Advanced SEO, Amazon 201: FAQ on FBA, eBay 201: Global Shipping Program, and many more! Topic suggestions always welcome.

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