Taking international global shipping to a notch above

Smaller World,
Bigger Potential

How did the world get so small?

At more than 24,000 miles around, the world can feel like a pretty large place. After all, a flight from New York to Sydney can still take over two days, depending on connections.

But consider this:

  • More than 6 billion cell phone calls are made in the US per day and a similar number of texts are sent at the speed of light
  • Twitter users crank out 200 billion tweets per year while some 100 billion emails are sent per day

By these measures, the world isn’t larger. It’s getting smaller but with bigger potential. And it’s bringing a whole new meaning to the idea of local. Consumers can hail from nearly anywhere in the world and businesses can call home in one of thousands of places.

E-commerce is E-ssential

Already accounting for nearly 10% of global retail sales, e-commerce is becoming a critical component to global commerce.

In 2015 alone, more than half the world’s mobile phone-owning population accessed the web. And that figure is forecast to steadily climb. Many of those people will not just access the web for information or send emails or engage in social media. Instead they virtual window-shop and eventually purchase products.

Thanks to this mobile revolution, the physical distances that separate businesses from their products and products from end consumers is almost meaningless.

Except for one pressing fact: while businesses can engage consumers from around the world needing no more than a basic URL (a web homepage) to gain their attention, products must be shipped by one of three methods: air, sea and ground.

And with 75% of our business already dedicated to e-commerce brands, Encompass Shipping knows how to ensure the ideal B2B customer experience with its global shipping services. So whether it’s working with Amazon, eBay, Rakuten, or others, our staff is committed to best-in-class express shipping quality.

We perform the shipping services through a variety of safety measures like performing on-site (warehouse) product inspection, and augmenting those inspections with 24-7 video surveillance and security checks.

As your brand transforms from local to global Encompass Shipping will be there to help make the best international shipping as smooth as can be. In fact, we can guarantee it’ll be far less stressful than planning that trip from New York to Sydney.”

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