Fee Update For Amazon FBA Seller - Encompass Shipping

If you are are an Amazon FBA seller in the U.S., you should be aware of the price hikes on Pick & Pack and Weight Handling fees. This cost increase can have a significant impact on your bottom line, especially for sellers with slim-margin or oversize products.

Read the following letter, which Amazon sent to its clients at the end of 2015:


Hello FBA seller:

We’re writing to notify you of next year’s changes to Fulfillment by Amazon fees in the U.S. As in previous years, we will be adjusting our rates to reflect the changing costs of storage, fulfillment, transportation, and customer service. To give you time to plan for these fee changes, they will not take effect until February 18, 2016, or later, after the holiday selling season.

We are introducing the following updates to our fees:

  • Fulfillment Fees. Effective February 18, 2016, we will adjust our Pick & Pack and Weight Handling fees for most products’ sizes and weights. See details here.
  • Monthly Inventory Storage Fee. Effective March 1, 2016, the monthly fee for inventory storage will be adjusted for Standard-Size and Oversize units. This change will first be reflected in April 2016 charges for storage that occurs in March 2016. See details (or scroll to the Monthly Inventory Storage Fee schedule below).

For complete details of the fee changes, visit https://www.amazon.com/fba-fee-changes.

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