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Posted by Joshua Gluck

Cars were luxury ones but now it’s a necessity but shifting your cars to different city or a country is a kind of head ache that no one wants to deal with. So what is the solution…. selling your car? Leave it behind? Ok that’s a big No. And selling your car is a messy business; you may not even get the price you expected. Then buying different car again… too much work right….. Why not ship it….. And they just don’t ship only cars but any vehicle… I mean it. Any vehicle you want to ship boat, bike, vintage cars and what not
I know many of you will think shipping the car no…. it’s very expensive, it’s not safe at all and you can’t trust these shipping companies…. but that’s not so true…

Shipping Industry

encship-car & auto shipping

has expanded and developed so much in past years. You can get quotes online, no hidden charges and they also provide storage facilities and let’s not forget about insurance.
Another thing except distance which can affect the cost of shipping is size of your vehicle… Bigger cars or heavier cars will surely cost you more.


Marine Insurance

is tricky but very important aspect of shipping business as Insurance provides a sense of assurance to the customers that their car is safe and if something wrong happens they’ll recover the loss through insurance.

There are many companies who provides cars and auto shipping, hence while choosing your shipper be very careful, research about the company thoroughly and then make your decision.
And reliable companies just don’t deliver you car and leave, rather they have representatives who’ll meet you at the time of delivery and also provides an inspection sheet so you can check and satisfy yourself that your car is safe and everything is in order.

What more one can ask for?

encship-car and auto shipping

Encompass Shipping is a US based company which provide shipping, air freight, ocean freight, warehouse services. But what makes Encompass standout from other shipping companies is they treat their customers as a family member. They have very attentive and helpful staffs that are eager to provide the best services they can and answer their customer’s questions.


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